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Permission for music colleges for the first time in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: Culture Minister Badr bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan Al Saud has announced the approval of two music colleges for the first time in Saudi Arabia.

He said other institutions also have the opportunity to apply for recognition. Various non-profit private arts and cultural institutions can apply. He said the online application system would be operational within 90 days.

This is a pilot launch of a project to establish specialized training centers in the fields of culture and the arts.

Such centers will help in developing the cultural and artistic talents of the natives as well as imparting education and training in various creative fields. Individuals wishing to obtain training licenses in the cultural and artistic fields can also obtain a license through the newly developed application.

Licenses are issued online to individuals covering a variety of artistic and cultural fields, including theater, music, literature, publishing, translation, and museums. Officials said that those who are interested in the field of drama can also get a training license in the performing arts.

The Ministry of Culture also grants licenses to establish institutions or training centers in the fields of music, visual arts, theater, performing arts, fashion, culinary arts, museums, heritage, cinema, design, literature, translation, archeology and handicrafts.

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