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Pfizer vaccine the ‘magical medicine’; Can be used to prevent Covid-19 and other diseases too

Professor Luke O’Neill, a professor of immunology and a professor at Trinity College, says that the Covid 19 vaccine developed by Pfizer can be used to prevent other diseases too.

He says Pfizer’s Covid vaccine could be a magic wand for diseases such as cancer. He also shares the reason behind this. Days ago, the company said that Pfizer’s Covid vaccine was 90 percent effective.

He said that the couple behind the Pfizer vaccine Dr Ugur Sahin and Dr Oezleum Tuereci had been working on this vaccine for years, but their original intention was to developed a drug to cure cancer.

Professor Luke says the couple has also incorporated their findings against cancer into research into the Pfizer vaccine. Therefore, he points out that with the launch of the Covid vaccine, it will be effective in preventing cancer as well.

Although no one has listened to the couple’s efforts over the years, he shares the optimistic belief that their discovery will be accepted with the release of the Pfizer Covid vaccine.

Meanwhile, in a statement released last Monday, Pfizer chairman and CEO, Dr Albert Bourla made it clear that the company’s vaccine can prevent Covid-19.

Luke clarified that with the publication of the vaccine’s test results, they will be able to understand the benefits and will make a big announcement ahead of Christmas.

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