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PlayStation Network hacked; Customers lost more than hundreds of Euros

Online fraud is on the rise in Ireland. Most recently, the Irish PlayStation Network (PSN) was hacked and hundreds of euros of customers were swindled out of online scams.

The fraudsters took money from the bank accounts of customers who were connected to the PSN network. Subsequently, customers were expelled from online gaming accounts.

Meanwhile, PlayStation representatives are not yet ready to comment on the incident in which the PlayStation network was hacked and customers lost money.

It is unknown that how many people in Ireland has lost money through hacking which take place after the launch of the latest PS5.

One customer’s response was that he knew the money was missing from the account when he received a message from the bank. It was on November 19, a message was received from AIB confirming a purchase of 300 euros via PSN.

He then informed the bank that he had not made such a purchase and immediately canceled the old card and took a new one. He said the bank had informed him that the entire amount lost from the account would be repaid within five days.

Although the money was returned to the account, he later clarified that he could not log in to his PSN account. He added that the new PSN account can only be taken with a prepaid card.

Meanwhile, a young woman says she lost 120 Euro from her account before logging into the PSN network. She said she was told to log in when she tried to use Netflix via the PlayStation console on November 20 but were unable to log in.

When the bank account was checked that evening, it was learned that 120 Euro was lost as part of the PSN purchase. She then lodged a complaint with the bank on November 23 and the card was canceled.

The woman said that the lost money was returned to the account that evening but the next day the amount disappeared from the account.

The money was actually refunded after she received the new card on November 25th. However, she later said she could not use her old PSN account.

The woman revealed that the fraudsters tried to withdraw 800 euros from the second bank card linked to the PSN account, but the attempt failed as there was not enough money in the account.

At the same time, it is found that widespread such scams have been reported around the world. Therefore, consumers are warned to be vigilant at all times to avoid getting scammed.

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