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Poland with fear, the presence of Wagner mercenaries on the border

Warsaw: The presence of Wagner mercenaries with Russian ties in Belarus is causing concern along the Polish border. Poland, a member of both the EU and NATO, is concerned about security along its eastern border. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki confirmed the presence of more than 100 mercenaries near the border. The Prime Minister said that their movement is making it more dangerous.

Mateusz Morawiecki said the mercenaries had come close to Poland’s strategic Suwalki Gap between Belarus and Kaliningrad. Morawiecki expressed his concerns about security during a visit to the weapons factory in Gliwice, southern Poland, where the Ukrainian army’s Leopard tanks are installed.

The Prime Minister stated that this fear has been present ever since the Wagner Group arrived in Belarus after the interim riots. Migrants are entering the European Union via Poland and Lithuania. The Poland-Belarus border has been tense for two years as a result of this issue.

Illegal immigrants come from the Middle East and Africa. Poland accuses Russia and Belarus of using immigrants to destabilise the country and others in the European Union. Poland has built a high wall on a part of the Balearic border to stop immigrants. Poland describes immigration as a hybrid war.

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