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Post-Brexit trade agreement; Varadkar said there would be a last minute understanding

Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has said he expects a last-minute agreement between the European Union and the UK on a post-Brexit trade deal.

EU Commission President Ursula von Der Lane has agreed to resume talks on Sunday with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to reach a final agreement on a trade deal. It was after this that Varadkar came on the scene with a response.

The UK has only days left to end its relationship with the European Union single market. Negotiations are underway to approve a new trade relationship with the European Union on three key issues after the Brexit.

Varadkar said he had hoped for a last-minute deal, despite several rounds of talks.

Discussions are mainly between the two sides on fishing in UK waters for EU vessels, an approved standard for businesses, and how to handle disputes between the EU and the UK in the future.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson had made it clear yesterday that the deal was unlikely to take place as various negotiations broke down without a decision. He said they have to come to a decision and from January 1 they will be able to do what they want on their own.

Meanwhile, reports from the UK suggest that Boris Johnson is in talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron over a trade deal. But he refused.

However, Ursula von der Lane said only that a new decision on the trade deal would be made on Sunday. They also have no great guarantee that the deal will happen.

However, only Irish Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar shared the optimism that the deal would happen until the last minute.

“I’m firmly of the view that a deal is still possible. It’s in the interest of Britain, Ireland and the European Union that we have a deal in terms of jobs and the economy.” he said

“It may require a little bit of compromise from both sides but that is possible and it’s very often the case t these deals are only made at the last moment because everyone needs to be sure that it was the best deal possible and there’s nothing left on the table.”

“So I wouldn’t be surprised if it drags on for a few days and the deal is only clinched at the last minute.” he added.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Simon Cowan said there was a possibility of a last-minute agreement. He added that an agreement between the European Union and the UK could save Ireland from another economic downturn.

At the same time, Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin is not very optimistic that a post-Brexit trade deal will happen. He said in Brussels yesterday that the people would realize the great crisis that would arise when the current trade deal stopped.

People believe that the implementation of the post-Brexit trade agreement is very challenging, he said.

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