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“President Joe Biden and Republican Rival Donald Trump Face Off in First 2024 Presidential Debate”

In the first debate of the 2024 presidential election, held Thursday night in Atlanta and hosted by CNN, President Joe Biden and his Republican challenger, Donald Trump, engaged in a heated exchange. Biden criticised Trump’s handling of the economy and the pandemic, while Trump attacked Biden’s economic record, particularly on inflation.

The debate also delved into foreign policy, with Trump arguing that U.S. support for Ukraine was detrimental to the economy. Biden countered that military aid to Ukraine was mainly in the form of U.S.-made weapons and emphasised his leadership in rallying international support against Russia’s invasion.

The advanced ages of both candidates were also scrutinised. Biden, with a raspy voice, highlighted his lengthy political career and achievements, while Trump boasted about his physical fitness and challenged Biden to take cognitive tests.

Biden condemned Trump over his felony convictions related to payments made to silence an alleged extramarital affair, branding Trump as having “the morals of an alley cat.” Trump responded by accusing Biden, without evidence, of potential future felony charges and brought up Hunter Biden’s legal issues.

The debate, notable for the absence of a studio audience and controlled microphones to prevent interruptions, is one of two scheduled before the party conventions. Both candidates have been polling closely, with Trump slightly ahead in some surveys and showing higher enthusiasm among his supporters. The debate covered key issues such as reproductive rights, immigration, and the conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine.

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