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Problems after Problems, Authorities and People demands Phil Hogan’s resignation

Dublin: Phil Hogan, European Union trade commissioner from Ireland, may be ousted amid controversy over Galway Clifton dinner.

Hogan was arrested by gardai in Kildare on August 17 for using mobile while driving, his spokesperson has confirmed such an issue had happened.

The spokesman said the incident happened while he was on his way to collect personal belongings and documents related to EU-US trade talks from his apartment before the trip to Galway.

His spokesman has reported to the RTE news that Hogan will not resign from the position, but reports say that things are not going good for Hogan.

Though the matter has been explained to the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister, there are indications that both are not satisfied with EU Commissioner’s attitude.

It is learned that Prime Minister Michael Martin and Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar have asked the EU Commissioner to reconsider his position.

Both are of the opinion that the event at the Galway Hotel should never have taken place. They also think the commissioner’s apology was delayed and that is why they are seeking more explanations from Hogan.

Speaking to RTE, Leo Varadkar confirmed that he had sought further clarification from Hogan. Varadkar said that the golf dinner should not have happened, adding that it was a great insult to the people across the country who sacrificed their weddings and christenings. He said that the issue had seriously damage the collective efforts to suppress Covid-19.

Meanwhile, European Commission President Ursula von Der Lane sought a report from Phil Hogan on the matter.

Meanwhile, various leaders, including Sinn Fin leader Mary Lou MacDonald, have demanded the resignation of Hogan, who misused his position. Sinn Fin demanded that the government should ask for his resignation if he did not resign at his own will.

Mary MacDonald said the resignations of Supreme Court judges Seamus Wolf and Hogan would boost public confidence.

Fina Fall TD Jim O’Connor also took to the stage to sharply criticize Hogan. He shared the concern that the country would have to pay the price for his stupidity. He asked if Hogan’s resignation would adversely affect the Brexit.

Green MEP Ciaran Kufe and independent MEP Luke Ming Flanagan also demanded Hogan’s resignation. Flanagan also revealed that he had sent an e-mail to the President of the European Union asking for this.

Meanwhile, Hogan apologized for attending the Galway dinner. He said he was especially apologizing to health workers who were spending each minute of their life fighting with Covid-19.

“I realize fully the unnecessary stress, risk and offence caused to the people of Ireland by my attendance at such an event, at such a difficult time for all, and I am extremely sorry for this.” Hogan said.

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