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Ireland’s leading social activist Dr Vijay Kohli and Renjith Joseph receives CICI’s Person of the Year Award

DUBLIN: Ireland’s leading social activist, Dr Vijay Kohli, and Renjith Joseph, Galway Peace Commissioner and Director of Irish Samachar Media Limited, received the Confederation of Indian Communities in Ireland (CICI) Person of the Year Award.

CICI, a prominent Indian organisation in Ireland, presents the ‘Person of the Year Award’ to honour those who have made outstanding contributions to the Indian diaspora in Ireland.

Indian Ambassador Akhilesh Mishra presented the award to Dr Vijay Kohli and Renjith Joseph at a ceremony held at the Indian Embassy in Dublin yesterday.

The Ambassador presented this year’s ‘Student of the Year’ award to Aditya Kumar, Aditya Joshi, Gohit Tankala and Naman Shrivastava.

Mr Mishra also presented certificates to the Indian group that participated in this year’s St Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin City Centre.

Dr Anant Mahapatra, Raj Kumar, Shubhrima Ghosh, Shaifali Gupta, Neha Bisht, Jagdish Bisht, Sinthia Chowdhury, Divya Bhatt and Disha Rao attended the function organised at the Indian Embassy.

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