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Red Alert for Cork: Storm Ellen hits with “very severe and destructive winds”

Cork: Heavy rains and Storm Ellen, which hit at a pace of 115 kilometers per hour, have disrupted life in various counties of Ireland. The storm and heavy rain wreaked havoc in County Cork. The floods caused damage on Skibbereen in Cork and also in Middleton Kinsella and Bantry.

There have been reports of power failure, falling trees, and damaged roads in many areas. Thousands of homes and businesses were left without electricity.

People in hinterland are at a standstill as everything is flooded.

Munster, Galway and Mayo were on orange alert until this morning. Yellow alert has been issued in other parts of the country.

Storms and heavy rains also devastated the southwestern and southern counties. Nearly two lakh homes and businesses have lost power due to the heavy wind.

In addition to Cork, thousands of homes in counties like Kilkenny, Longford, Meath, Tipperary and Limerick are without electricity.

According to figures released by the Department of Power this morning, 195,000 homes across the country have lost power due to the storm.

There are 1183 consumers in Springs, Waterford County, 1703 in Kildare County and 1491 in Macroom, Cork without electricity. ESB networks urged people to be ready to live without electricity. The announcement was made out of fear of a storm.

Power lines and posts have been blown away by the wind in many areas. People are warned not to go near or touch it, ESB posted in twitter.

The Cork County Council’s climate assessment team convened an emergency meeting to prepare for the precautionary measures to be taken following the Red Alert. The council’s response teams and contractors remain well-equipped.

Due to strong winds and tides in the coastal areas, the council warned of possible flooding in the rivers. Cork County coastal residents and those who live on the banks of the river must exercise extreme caution.

For repairing various faults and removal of ground cover trees and for those facing road blockages, damages and floods can contact the Council’s Emergency (021 480 0048) number for assistance. The council said the services are available throughout the day.

Drivers need to be extra careful as driving can be dangerous because the road is flooded. The council also reminded cyclists and pedestrians to be extra careful.

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