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Report says the Slave workers in Ireland also include Indian descends

Dublin: Confirmation that Indians and Sri Lankans are enslaved in Ireland fishing trawlers. The Guardian had earlier reported that Asians and Africans were being enslaved on a large scale.

The Guardian alleges that the Irish government pretended not to see the incident and the human trafficking involved. The slave labor was led by the monopoly capitalists associated with the fishing industry in Ireland.

These slaves, who doesn’t have any official documents, have to work for days without sleep. The owners have instructed them no to get off the boats even when entering the ports.

The investigation found that these trawlers were a form of slavery that forced migrant workers to work in the UK, sometimes with the promise of employment and sometimes without their knowledge.

These workers are suffering severely and exploited. They come from various countries such as Ghana, Philippines and Egypt and are paid €1,000 a month. This salary will not be even a quarter of what is paid to those coming from Cork or the rest of the EU.

They don’t get an off day but have to work for unlimited hours instead. The shocking news came during a year-long campaign by seven reporters.

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