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Research shows that a significant percentage of older people in Ireland prefer to fly abroad

Dublin: A research report shows that a good percentage of the elderly people in Ireland are likely to fly abroad. While some are fleeing the country due to the high cost of living, another group is taking a ‘cart’ from Ireland in search of climate excellence.

According to new research from global technology company V1CE, this is a possibility. The study included 1,000 people over the age of 55 who are about to retire.

According to the research report, 27 percent of people want to live abroad due to the high cost of living in Ireland, and one-third (31%) of Irish people leave the country in search of a better climate.

The majority of those surveyed would like to fly to Portugal (11%), while 10% plan to fly to the UK. The other top names are Spain (8%), the United States (7%), and Germany (6%). Only about eight percent want to settle down somewhere in Ireland.

There are also those who want to travel abroad but are concerned about their financial situation allowing them to afford the high cost of living there. According to the research, one in every five (20%) people are concerned.

19% are concerned about their ability to effectively manage their money abroad. Many people (42%) are also concerned about not being able to access their Irish bank account if they travel abroad. 57% of those polled want to use an app that makes international money management easier. But 55% still use any card from Ireland. The report also says that people like to use it.
V1CE is a card that allows you to handle more than 40 currencies, including the euro, pound, and dollar, in more than 150 countries.

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