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Second Elephant at Dublin Zoo Dies from EEHV Infection

Dublin: The second elephant infected with the virus at Dublin Zoo has died. Following the death of an eight-year-old elephant named Avani on July 1, seven-year-old Zinda has also succumbed to the virus despite intensive treatment efforts, zoo officials confirmed.

Zoo officials reported that Zinda received round-the-clock care from Ireland’s veterinary team and international experts. Despite these efforts and support from the Irish and UK governments, An Garda, and the British Zoo, Zinda’s condition worsened, leading to her death.

International Support and Emergency Measures

Essential blood products from the UK and other vital supplies from Chester Zoo were urgently transported to Dublin to treat Zinda. These included antibodies flown in to combat the infection. However, despite these measures, Zinda could not be saved.

Dublin Zoo officials expressed their gratitude to Chester Zoo for their selfless support and to the Gardaí for transporting the blood products from Dublin Port to the zoo. They also thanked the international veterinary community and elephant lovers nationwide for their assistance and support.

EEHV Virus Information

The virus, known as Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV), is unpredictable and deadly, affecting both wild and domestic elephants. Fortunately, it poses no danger to humans. Currently, none of the other elephants in the herd show symptoms of EEHV, and they are being closely monitored.

Dublin Zoo has an EEHV response plan in place for the remaining elephants. While there is currently no vaccination against EEHV, zoos and wildlife researchers worldwide are actively working to develop one.

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