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Second Toll Hike in a Year: Charges Increase on 10 Routes Across Ireland

Dublin: Toll charges on ten key routes across Ireland, including the prominent M50 and the Dublin Tunnel, have surged, marking a second increase within a year. Cars now face a 20% uptick, while heavy goods vehicles bear a 30 to 50% spike in toll charges per journey. This hike follows a similar adjustment in toll rates last July on most national highways.

Under the revised rates, tolls for cars on the M1, M7, M8, N6, N25, and Limerick Tunnel N18 routes in Waterford have increased by 20 cents to €2.30. Additionally, the toll on the M3 has risen by 10 cents to €1.70, bringing the total toll to €3.40.

The M50 toll charges have surged by 20–40%, with unregistered cars facing a fee of €3.70 and tagged vehicles requiring a payment of €2.50. Notably, the Dublin Tunnel has implemented a €2 increase during rush hours for cars.

The Toll increases come against the backdrop of a 6.3% annual inflation rate by the end of August. Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) justifies this latest hike, emphasising its aim to safeguard heavy goods vehicles’ access to the port of Dublin. The move has, however, sparked concerns about the cumulative impact on commuters and the broader economic landscape.

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