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Seema Banu and children who were found dead in Dublin were planning to return to their native India next week

DUBLIN: The death in Dublin of a mother and her two children, all of Indian origin, is heartbreaking. The murder investigation into Seema Banu’s death is in progress.

It was learned that Seema Banu was preparing to book a flight to their native next week. Sufi Masood Hussain, Seema’s cousin, said she was planning to book a flight to return home next week.

Mr. Masood said she had wanted to return home a few months ago, but could not make the necessary arrangements for her return due to the lockdown earlier this year and poor financial situation.

Seema’s grieving family in India had requested financial assistance from the Indian Embassy in Dublin and the Irish government to repatriate the bodies of Seema and her children.

Ms. Banu’s father, Abdul Ghaffar, and mother, Qurishid-un-nisa, said they were very distraught after they received shocking news that their daughter and grandchildren were dead.

Her parents said she was a very kind person, and whenever she came home, she would spend time with everyone and keep in touch with everyone.

“She was bold, she has faced all the challenges in her life. She was like one of the main decision-makers for the family,” they said.

Cousin Masood said the family wanted to bring the bodies of Seema and the children back to their home in the Mysore district in Karnataka state, in the southwest of India, but they were unable to afford it because of their financial condition.

“The parents are very concerned about getting the bodies back here. We want to bring them home. But they are not in great shape financially,” Mr. Masood said.

“We are not from a rich family. So we are requesting the Embassy to facilitate funding, which will be a big help for us,” cousin Masood added.

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