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STOP! Says Ireland; Significant increase in the Number of Denied Entries

The European Union’s statistics agency has released the figures regarding the refused permission entries to the state.  There is a hike in the numbers comparing it with the previous one.

The immigrants were denied from entering the state through air and seaports and across the boarders by the immigration authorities.

As per the Eurostat, 7455 people were denied from entering into Ireland last year.

Irrespective of the nationality, people from almost all part of the globe were facing this problem. Albania, Brazil, South Africa, Bolivia, Georgia, China, The US, Zimbabwe, Pakistan and India are the top ten in the list of denied entries.

Around 1,730 people from Albania were not able to enter Ireland, like wise each nation has some numbers to display.

Albanian and Georgian are classified as “safe countries of origin” by the Ireland government. The nationals from these states are not considered as people who need protection.

Immigration checks were altered a bit last year to prevent the other nationalities from applying for international protection. But the new policy was hugely criticized by certain migrants’ rights group.

Charlie Flanagan, the then minister for justice said that the change in the immigration check was brought in to stop certain immigrants from faking an application for International protection.

Some immigrants used to enter the country using fake documents and destroys them as soon as they enter into the nation. Then while going through the verification some would apply for international protection.

There was a triple increase in the number of the Albanian nationals refused entries, whereas the Georgian refused entries increased by 25%.

It was the Dublin airport that witnessed almost 8% of the refusals and with the advent of the new policy, the applications for asylum from both nationalities dropped considerably.

The Irish Prison Service (IPS) gives out a figure that indicates that the number of people held in prison for suspected immigration offences rose by nearly a fifth last year.

477 people from various nations were caught for immigration offences. Out of this 57% were not having a valid visa and 22% failed to possess a genuine passport.

More than half of the numbers detained were the nationalities from Albanian, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria and Georgia.   

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