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Suspicious Package led to the evacuation of the Department of Health’s building

The Department of Health, Baggot Street Lower has been evacuated on the afternoon of August 25, because of the presence of a suspicious package.  

The panic situation was raised around 1 pm in the afternoon. Within no time the Gardai, ambulance service and four units of fire rescue team rushed to the office on Baggot Street in Dublin City center.

“Gardaí are currently at the scene of an incident on Baggot Street Lower. A suspicious parcel was discovered in the Department of Health,” a Gardai spokesperson said.

The street was completely closed from all the sides. The technicians from the defense force were present at the scene and they did a closer study on the area and the suspicious package.

The entire force was shocked because a similar incident had happened last year also. The department was evacuated when an envelope full of non-hazardous white powder was sent to the office building.

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