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Terrorist attack in Vienna, Three killed in attack

Following the unfortunate incident in France, another terrorist attack has been reported in Vienna, the Austrian capital.

The gunmen opened fire on people who had arrived at cafes and restaurants ahead of the lockdown.

Three people were killed in the terrorist attack in six locations. Authorities have confirmed that the incident took place around 8 pm local time.

It is estimated that more than 15 people were injured in the attack and the death toll could rise further. The injured include policemen too.

A terrorist was killed in a police counterattack. It is reported that several terrorists are still out and military operations are still going in order to capture them.

The Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, after hours of the unfortunate incident said that the capital city has became a victim of terrorist attack. He said one of the attackers was killed but several terrorists were still in the area.

Kurz said the shooting outside the main synagogue in Vienna could not rule out the possibility that it was an anti-Semitic attack and that the cause of the attack was not yet clear.

However, the synagogue and its office were closed at the time of the attack.

Home Secretary Karl Nehammer said the army had been asked to patrol key areas of the city as police were deployed to pursue the criminals.

“We will never allow ourselves to be intimidated by terrorism and face attacks in every possible way,” he said.

However, Oskar Deutsch, head of the Jewish community in Vienna, said it was unclear whether the main synagogue was targeted.

French president Emmanuel Macron said: “We French share the shock and sadness of the Austrians after an attack in Vienna. This is our Europe. Our enemies must know who they are dealing with. We will not give up.”

Police also confirmed that several shots were fired after 8pm on active streets in the city center ahead of the lockdown.

Video footage of the armed walking down the street has been circulating on social media but authorities have not confirmed it.

Meanwhile, police urged people to avoid all open spaces and public transport in the city as there is a possibility of another attack. Police said the attack was still active and people should remain indoors.

“It sounded like firecrackers, then we realised it was shots,” said one eyewitness. He added that the assailants were firing indiscriminately with automatic rifles even before the police arrived.

EU President Charles Michel has described terrorism as “cowardice”.

European Council chief Michel tweeted that Europe strongly condemns this cowardice that denies human values ​​and the right to life.

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