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The government successfully defeated no-confidence motion… 86 TD’s with the government

Dublin: The government has successfully defeated a motion of no confidence by the opposition led by the Labor Party. The motion was supported by 67 members, while the government was supported by 86. Green TD Neasa Hourigan, who had previously voted against lifting the eviction ban, supported the government. For insulting the government, Hourigan was expelled from the party for 15 months.

The no-confidence motion debate sparked intense debate and uproar in Parliament. Speaker Sean O’Fear Ghail said the controversy in the Dáil was unnecessary. At one point, they reminded the TDs to remember that people are watching these drills.

The cabinet had previously decided to lift the ban on tenant evictions on March 31. A Sinn Féin motion to introduce legislation to extend the eviction ban until January 31, 2024, was also voted on yesterday, but it was defeated by the government by 68 votes to 83. However, Green Party TD Neasa Hourigan voted for the opposition motion, in a setback for the government.

Varadkar referred to the motion of no confidence as a drama, while Ryan referred to it as political exploitation.

Varadkar alleged that the motion of no confidence is a political drama of Labor and part of the opposition race. The uproar was sparked by Green Party leader Eamon Ryan’s remark that the opposition had refused to accept the government’s precautionary measures in relation to the lifting of the eviction ban, including the extension of the in situ scheme.

The opposition stormed.

Labor leader Ivana Bacik, who introduced the no-confidence motion, said Varadkar’s political dramas are unique. She described the lifting of the eviction ban as disastrous. According to TD, the motion of no confidence was brought against the government because it failed on all fronts.

Opposition TDs, including Social Democrats leader Holly Cairns, attacked Green Party leader Eamon Ryan. According to Cairns, neither Ryan nor the government understand the housing crisis. The leader of the Social Democrats, Holly Cairns, said that the government will have to face a motion of no confidence. The people, according to the TD, lost faith in the government a long time ago.

People Before Profit TD and housing campaigner Richard Boyd Barrett said the cruel decision to end the eviction ban would put thousands on the streets. According to TD Paul Murphy, eviction notices have no other option but to be appealed to the Residential Tenancies Board. Deputy Mick Barry called for the government to evict, not the tenants.

Sinn Fein called the government a disaster.

Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald accused the government of causing a housing disaster. Rather than addressing the crisis, they are pouring billions of dollars into the private rental market. Mary Lou McDonald has accused it of playing Nero’s lyre when Rome was burning. The government is not committed to resolving the issue. Only a government led by Sinn Fein can solve the housing crisis. McDonald claimed that a general election should be announced. They asked.

Pascal Donohue, Minister, mocks Labour

Pascal Donohue, Minister of Public Expenditure, has criticised Labour’s announcement to build a million homes over ten years. The minister asked to clarify where the workers, money, and land would be.

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