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The government with a new package to overcome the housing crisis

Dublin: The government has unveiled a new package to address the housing crisis. The cabinet has approved plans to strengthen social housing and expand the tenant-in-situ scheme, according to Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. The government has decided to assist renters by altering taxes and increasing housing supply.

The Prime Minister stated that a tax package will be included in the budget this year to encourage small landlords to enter the market. The Prime Minister said the Grant Scheme will be expanded to rehabilitate houses built before 2007 for rental purposes. A family who rents out a room in their home will not lose their social welfare entitlements.

Varadkar also explained that local authorities had been given permission to buy 1,500 houses that had been given eviction notices.

Through an expanded tenant-in-situ scheme, councils can purchase rented homes with HAP assistance. They can be arranged for non-profit rental or social housing.

Tenants will also have the option to purchase the homes in which they live. According to the Prime Minister, they will be given first priority. They can apply for and purchase homes under the government’s share equity scheme. Subsidised local authority home loans are available to low- and middle-income families.

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