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The hidden ‘Irish culture’ that has turned young Indian woman’s life and dreams upside down

Dublin: An Indian woman who has come to Ireland to live a better life is suffering. The young woman who came to Ireland to avoid the misfortune of having to marry someone else’s wife in her own country before reaching puberty had a heartbreaking experience from her roommate in Dublin.

A prominent Irish media outlet reported on the serious inadequacies of accommodation for foreigners arriving in Ireland and the horrors it creates.

The experience of this young woman is just a glimpse of the persecution faced by many, including students who fly to a country like Ireland in search of a better life. Many such incidents go unnoticed by anyone.

The woman reveals that this experience shattered her life and hopes. “These incidents are very common here. If you want to get accommodation and other things here, you have to do this. If you become pregnant, the Irish government will give you a visa and more money.” The 30 – year-old is still haunted by the words of her abuser.

There are many people in Europe who are there to advise people to live together, conceive and give birth and thus continue to live at the expense of the government. The young woman also reveals that many are subjected to severe exploitation.  

Exploitation in Ireland due to lack of housing facilities are not small. This happens due to the lack of housing. Even young women are being evicted from their homes here for trivial reasons. The woman had to live in three or four houses within a year. Earlier, a house owner fired her for smelling sweat by asking why Indians has this kind of smell! 

‘I came to Dublin with a heap of life dreams. But this place only gave me misfortunes. It turned my study and my life upside down. I also had to face a lot of problems in India. My parents weren’t concerned about my marriage dreams and they never thought about the quality of the groom. That’s why I came here so quickly,’ she said.

The move to the center apartment in the city was due to a bad experience in the homes where she had initially lived. It was there that she had the worst life experience. She had to seek treatment at Mater hospital for resisting sexual harassment by her roommate.

Believing that premarital sex is a sin, she is deeply traumatized by her roommate’s cruelty. “Four or five times he stigmatized me and he always behaved like a ferocious beast to. He hurt me physically, mentally and emotionally. This is the culture of Ireland. His screams that “you cannot stay here without acknowledging this” are still sounding in my ears!,” she added.   

The young woman opened her mind from her residence in North Dublin, with a warning not to reveal her name. “If I tell my family everything, I ‘m going to get the answer that all this has happened because I disobeyed them. So it can’t either,” she said.  

This young woman, who is in the abyss of despair, is shouting the need to punish those who have defiled her, even though she is not exposed.

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