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The High Court ruled that the patient’s leg should not be amputated against his will

Dublin: The High Court ruled that a patient’s leg should not be amputated against his will. This decision was made in response to an application by the HSE in the case of an elderly patient suffering from dementia. The patient, who is seventy years old, is from the west of Ireland. The doctors believe that this patient’s leg, which is in critical condition due to diabetes, should be amputated. However, the patient refuses. Following this, HSE approached the court in this regard.

Even if the condition is critical, the High Court clarified that the leg cannot be amputated without the patient’s permission. Despite knowing that his decision would embarrass medical staff, High Court President Justice David Barniville ruled that a patient’s organ could not be removed without his consent.

We are unclear about the patient’s ability to make decisions about his health. Therefore, the judge said that this is a very complicated issue. However, due to legal reasons, there is an obstacle to removing his organ. The court was pleased that he is currently receiving good care from the hospital.

The HSE informed the court that he had to have his leg amputated due to an exacerbation of diabetes. His dementia had also been disclosed to the court by the HSE. The doctors had advised that his leg was in a very bad condition and would have to be amputated. But the patient was determined not to amputate his leg, even if he had to die.

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