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The Irish government planning for lockdown relaxation; Level 3 restrictions from December 1st

The Irish government is looking for ways to come out of lockdown restrictions in the face of declining Covid spreading.

Prime Minister Michael Martin has said the lockdown restrictions will be phased out as the Level 5 restrictions expire on December 1.

Despite the current low prevalence of the disease, the government does not intend to lift the ban overnight. From December 1, the country will move to level 3 restrictions. Subsequently, the government aims to ease restrictions again by Christmas week.

The Prime Minister also said that special restrictions would remain in place in Ireland during the Christmas week as part of the precautionary measures to be taken to get out of the lockdown completely.

Although the government intends to ease restrictions nationwide, it is concerned that the spread of the disease in Donegal has not diminished. Hence, strict restrictions are likely to remain in place here.

At the same time, he said, the government would clarify the restrictions to be imposed on the current Covid expansion in December. He also warns that if the spread of the disease rises, the country may have to go back to tighter controls.

The government aims to reduce the number of Covid cases to a minimum by the end of November. The people will be informed about the relaxation of the restrictions by the end of November. The government also plans to launch special programs to control the spread of Covid in Donegal.

NPHET, meanwhile, recommends that the lockdown be exited in two stages.

NPHET says the country should move to Level 3 restrictions by December 1 and make more concessions during Christmas week. People will be able to travel around the country as Christmas offers more relaxations in restrictions.

NPHET says this will provide an opportunity for families to get together for Christmas celebrations.

At the same time, NPHET warns that the restrictions will only be relaxed based on the prevalence of the disease at that time, and that if the number of cases increases, it will probably have to move to tougher controls.

Six deaths related to Covid-19 were reported in Ireland on Saturday. This brings the total number of Covid deaths in Ireland to 1,978.

456 new virus cases have also been reported. But there are reports that the number of Covid patients in most hospitals is on the rise. As of 2pm yesterday, 254 Covid-19 patients had been admitted to the hospital, 32 of whom were in the ICU.

A total of 67,526 Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in Ireland since the outbreak began.

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