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The number of refugees in Ireland is growing at an alarming rate, states the department of integration

Dublin: The number of refugees in Ireland is shockingly increasing. At the same time, without adequate housing, their standard of living, lives, and crises are worsening. On January 24, the government stopped providing accommodations to refugees who come with children, citing the lack of facilities. At least 554 people have been out of this type. 233 of them still have no place to rest their heads.

According to government statistics, the number of people receiving direct provision has more than doubled in the last year. In March 2022, there were 10447 direct provisioners and today it has increased to 20001. Among them, 5064 people came under international protection.

The main issue that refugees face is a lack of housing. Those who come with refugee status get accommodations and other things. The issue is with those who do not even qualify for refugee status. Even after receiving the status, many people are unable to settle their lives. Those who obtain international protection status are eligible for government assistance such as the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) and the Homelessness Service. Those who do not receive this status, on the other hand, do not receive any assistance.

The distressing lives of the refugees have come to the news after the incident of sending a letter to 52 people who received international protection in Ireland, asking them to move to emergency accommodation. Those on direct provision have been told to relocate to a tent in Knockalisheen, Clare, next week. These letters were distributed to 52 single people. These are people who have been on direct provision in Ireland for at least two years.

The department offered them all independent housing and self-sufficiency in November of last year. As a part of that, access to the voucher food scheme at Direct Provision Centres has also been withdrawn. These people are now being relocated to Knockalisheen in Clare. Tents are currently home to 79 people. They’ll be joined by 52 more people.

The official explanation is that the refugees are being relocated to make room for new arrivals through international provision. Not everyone is being relocated to tents. Some are relocated to emergency shelters, while five are relocated to alternative emergency shelters. All others have left National Protection Accommodation Service accommodations, the spokesman said.

The Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland said the decision to move asylum seekers into tents was shocking. Refugees are moved from one place to another with livestock. According to the organisation’s spokesperson, when they are transferred from one county to another, they lose their jobs and education.
Although it is stated that those in direct provision will receive government assistance, this is not the case. The spokesperson said that there are many landowners who refuse the HAP. The spokesperson added that the Peter McVerry Trust and DePaul will help those who are out of here.

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