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The number of starving people in Ireland is increasing; The cost of living that sows disaster!

Dublin: The number of hungry people in Ireland is increasing. According to the food bank coordinator, even food banks are in crisis because they cannot provide enough free food. There are signs all over the country that an increasing number of people are falling into the deadly trap of hunger and deprivation. They also say that the rise in the cost of living has created more poverty-stricken people.

Elaine Casey, food coordinator at Trim Family Resource Centre, says that if the COVID pandemic created hunger in 2020, the soaring cost of living will create poverty this year.

Many people are already unable to afford the cost of living. Things have progressed to the point where there are no food packages available at the food bank centre. In addition, financial constraints prevent us from providing free food to more people. Many families who used to donate food are now suffering from the price hike. They are also unsure how to proceed with their lives.

Although the government is taking some steps in the name, the experience shows that none of them are enough to solve the current life problems. A study conducted by Barnardo’s in January found that poverty is caused by the unaffordable cost of living. Things are moving forward in Ireland to confirm this.

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