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The scheme for buying second-hand houses will come into force in the summer

Dublin: With the end of the ban on forced evictions, the government has introduced various plans to avoid more people ending up homeless. As part of this, the government intends to enact a provision that gives tenants first priority in purchasing eviction houses when they are put up for sale. If this law is implemented, the tenant will have the opportunity to purchase a residential house.

Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien has stated that the government has started measures to prevent an increase in the number of homeless people after the ban is lifted. The minister explained that one of the most important measures is to give priority to the tenant to buy the house. The new law will stipulate that the landlord who wants to sell the property must make the first offer to the tenant. The housing minister stated that he is proceeding with the First Refusal Plan, which allows for this.

Changes in First Home Scheme too.

The minister also stated that changes will be made to the first home scheme, which is a key component of the housing for all scheme. Second-hand houses will also be available for purchase under this scheme. The minister said that this new law will come into force during the summer vacation.
This scheme helps people to buy a house by paying a part of the price of the house. Up to 30% of the market value of the property can be financed through the scheme. This scheme was started last year.

The scheme was designed to assist first-time home buyers. Last year, the property price ceiling in all counties was increased to give more people access to the scheme.

In cost rental model scheme…

In the cost rental model scheme, housing bodies and local authorities will be given the opportunity to purchase the property, thereby giving the tenant the option of continuing to pay the existing rent. Minister O’Brien also stated that 1,000 of the target leasing units will be taken up. This year, 600 units will be delivered.
The minister said that majority of these will be apartments.

Tenant in SITU scheme will be extended.

Funded by Govt. The Purchase with Tenant in Situ (SITU) scheme will be expanded. According to the Minister, the number of units will be increased to 1,500, and the scheme will focus on HAP and RAS tenants who have received eviction notices. There will also be an amendment to the Capital Advance Leasing Facility Act to help approved housing bodies for social homes.

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