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Thousands turn up to see Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI for the last time

VATICAN CITY – Thousands of people have gathered in the Vatican City to pay their respects to former Pope Benedict XVI, who died on Saturday. The body has been on display in St. Peter’s Basilica since yesterday. Many people are flocking to see Benedict, including people from his home country of Germany. The Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, as well as other world leaders, paid their respects to the Pope.

Giorgia Meloni pays respects to Pope Benedict in St Peter’s Basilica

65,000 people came yesterday.

The body was moved here early in the morning from the monastery on the Vatican grounds. People were already lining up to see Pope for the last time. 65,000 people came to pay their respects just yesterday. Pope Benedict passed away at the Mater Ecclesia monastery, where he had spent the previous ten years.

Benedict’s remains will be buried in a crypt beneath the basilica. On Thursday, Pope Francis will officiate at the funeral in St. Peter’s Square. According to a Vatican spokesman, Benedict XVI will be buried in the same mausoleum that housed Pope John Paul II’s remains until 2011.

Rarity of funeral ceremonies.

There is also the fact that one pope is responsible for the posthumous actions of another pope. After the death of a pope, a conclave of cardinals is normally convened to elect a successor. However, this ceremony is unnecessary this time because Pope Francis remains in office. Pope Francis will be the main official at Pope Benedict’s funeral.

Religious and political leaders will arrive.

Global religious and political leaders are expected to attend the Pope’s funeral. It is understood that representatives from Italy and Germany will attend the funeral. However, the Vatican has yet to release the details of this list.

Former Queen Sofia, wife of former King Juan Carlos I, will attend the funeral, according to the Spanish royal family. Andrzej Duda, the President of Poland, will also be present.

A God-fearing servant who upholds values.

Pope Benedict was adamant about preserving traditional values. As a result, he faced significant challenges and opposition. Yet he was able to keep many of the accused away. The Pope was constantly confronted with crises, such as clergy sexual abuse. He then resigned from his position. Later, after taking over the presidency, Pope Francis has made gentle interventions to unite the Church.

The Way of Pope Francis and Benedict…

Pope Francis, 86, has already hinted that he will follow Benedict’s lead and resign. The Pope has stated that if his health prevents him from carrying out his duties, he will resign. Last month, Pope Francis revealed that he had signed his resignation as soon as he took office.

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