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Three American diplomats in Delhi have personalised auto rickshaws

Don’t be shocked if you see an auto rickshaw with a diplomatic number plate snaking through traffic in Delhi. It may be one of the American diplomats who has developed a taste for the ubiquitous three-wheeler and their beloved “tuk-tuks.”

Ann Mason, Shareen J. Kitterman, and Ruth Holmberg purchased three-wheelers to explore the capital’s many facets. They have transformed this iconic method of public transportation into a personal vehicle of choice.

Mason describes KITT as “all about the bling.” She has selected an all-black auto with doors on both sides of the passenger seats. On each side, two customised high-speed leopard print curtains cover the passenger seat. She has installed a tiny fan next to the steering unit and a portable Bluetooth speaker in the overhead area for her personal comfort, providing her with the music she requires. “I also have a little tissue box for my visitors and a phone holder so I know where I am.” “Because I’m constantly lost,” she explains matter-of-factly.

Kitterman decided to experiment with the outside of her autorickshaw, driving around in a pink auto with little flowers painted on its body. Despite the fact that pink is not her natural colour, there was something about this auto that drew her in. “The colour pink simply spoke to me.” And I had to wait three months to obtain my customised pink. For the past six months, she has been driving her auto around town.

Holmberg chose a conventional black and yellow auto rickshaw. It lacks sparkle, vibrant colours, and eccentric accessories. But it’s serious business, and it’s been on the road for a year.

“I picked this as my way of transportation because, first and foremost, it is enjoyable—I enjoy driving and zigzagging through traffic.” “It’s also really efficient and handy, and it helps me get through traffic quickly,” she adds.

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