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Travel ban from UK will continue, but there will be exemptions – Transport Minister

DUBLIN: Transport Minister Eamon Ryan said the travel ban from Britain to Ireland would be extended, but there would be some easing. However, the Minister has made it clear that a complete ban is not feasible. Mr. Ryan said it would be practical to ensure safety and make the protocol and people’s needs possible.

The government has imposed a ban on flights and ferries from Britain to Ireland until December 31.

The minister also said that a few flights would be arranged in the coming days to repatriate citizens and transit passengers stranded in the UK following the government’s announcement.

The announcement regarding the ‘new COVID-19’ was made by the UK government on Saturday evening. Travel and flights from Ireland were banned on Sunday afternoon.

“But that approach can’t continue forever and a day because we do have to manage our whole range of other priorities. So what we will likely do is introduce further, more detailed regulations around all that travel so we do it in a very safe way. This is what the European Commission is recommending,” the transport minister said.

Minister Ryan pointed out that continuing the ban is not practical for a variety of reasons. The Minister clarified that people would face different difficulties, but most of the issues cannot be solved if one or two flights are arranged.

“We want to get the protocols and safe ways of doing it but there will be incidences where people have to,” he added.

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