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Twitter, Instagram and Facebook shut down Donald Trump in the wake of the violence in the United States

Washington: Twitter has suspended President Donald Trump’s account in the wake of the violence in the United States.

Meanwhile, Instagram and Facebook have suspended Trump’s account for 24 hours.

Trump came to the scene with a tweet that the election had been rigged even after the rioters attacked the US Capital building in Washington. Despite urging supporters to return home, Trump refused to condemn the violence.

Later, Twitter took a tough line after rioting tweets from Trump’s account. Trump’s Twitter account was closed for 12 hours after the posts were withdrawn. Twitter also issued an official statement saying the account would be closed for posting in a manner that would undermine social cohesion.

Twitter has stated that the account will remain locked if the controversial comments are not automatically withdrawn, and that the account will be permanently locked in the future if any false references are made.

Trump’s supporters unleashed violence as both houses of parliament convened to approve the US presidential election results. Several were injured and four were killed. Police have arrested several people for violating the curfew.

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