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Two keralites are contesting to the Managing Board of NMBI, Ireland

Dublin: Two Keralites will contest for the forthcoming elections to the Managing Board of the Nursing and Midwifery Board (NMBI) of Ireland.

Shalbin Joseph, a native of Paravur, Ernakulam, and Vice President of the International Section of INMO, and Rajimol K Manoj, a native of Thodupuzha, from Wicklow Rathnew, who led the campaign to ensure that all the benefits available to nurses with Critical Skills Employment Permits are made available to nurses entering Ireland on General Work Permits, are vying for the NMBI Managing Board. 

Rajimol, who has been with St. Vincent’s University Hospital for the past 18 years, also serves as the telephone triage nurse at Caredoc and Shalbin works as a staff nurse at Our Lady’s Hospital, Navan.

Both of them are candidates from the Registered General Nurse category. Apart from them, two others are also contesting from this category. Only one person should be selected from the General Nurse category.

All nurses registered with the NMBI before August 11 have the right to vote in the election.

Notices of elections and e-voting will be available to eligible voters before September 4. E-voting will take place from September 15 to September 23 at noon.

This is the first time that Indians have been competing for the Management Committee of the Supreme Nursing Authority of Ireland.

There are currently three Board members vacancies. The Board will choose one person each from the Registered General Nurse Division, the Registered Children’s Nurse Division and the Nurse Education Section.

In addition to the eight nurses selected, the Irish Board of Nursing has 23 members, including 12 elected representatives from the Irish community and three nominated by the Minister of Health.

The Nursing Board members are responsible for coordinating and monitoring all the activities of nurses in Ireland, including their registration, education and training, fitness and the practice of nurses and disciplinary action.

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