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UK Implements Stricter Family Reunification Measures, Eliminates Dependent Visas for Care Workers

Dublin: The UK government has opted to cease the issuance of dependent visas for individuals employed in the role of care workers in the country. In a significant shift, the minimum salary required for eligibility for a Skilled Employee visa will see a substantial increase from the current £26,200 to £38,700 starting next year.

While health care and social care workers, including nurses, are exempt from the salary escalation, there’s a notable adjustment in the minimum income prerequisite for their family visas. This figure has been elevated to £38,700, up significantly from the previous £18,600.

This move is part of a broader strategy aimed at reducing immigration, with a particular focus on the health and care sectors. Although there has been a noteworthy enhancement in the minimum wage for foreign workers, the announcement that they can no longer bring their families along, coupled with the augmented income requirement for family visas, has dealt a setback to a considerable number of prospective migrants, including care workers eagerly awaiting an opportunity to relocate to the UK.

Home Secretary James unveiled this policy change as a pivotal element of a comprehensive five-point plan designed to curtail immigration, citing a surge of 745,000 in total immigration to the UK last year. The government attributes this spike to what they perceive as the ‘misuse’ of visas within the health and care sector.

Meanwhile, anticipation is high for the unveiling of revised immigration policies in Ireland, expected to be announced later this week. In contrast to the UK, Ireland is anticipated to adopt more lenient immigration reforms this time around.

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