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UK’s new digital border scheme from October

Dublin: The British government has published a new digital border scheme as part of the post-Brexit measures. The government has made it clear that the border checks will start on October 31, even after a year’s delay.

British and Irish nationals are exempt, but other EU and US nationals will have to pay a visa waiver fee under the new law. However, the fee amount has yet to be determined.

By the end of 2024, those making short visits to the UK from other European countries will be required to pay a visa waiver fee and apply for short stays.

Exemption for British Irish citizens.

This rule does not apply to British and Irish citizens, as well as those with prior immigration status in the UK. Residents of Ireland do not need an ETA when travelling to the UK from the Common Travel Area, but other visitors arriving in the UK via Ireland do.

Electronic Travel Authorization Scheme.

Britain has planned an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) scheme as part of the 2022 National and Borders Act.

ETA is a component of the United Kingdom’s plan to fully digitise its borders by 2025.

The US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand already use similar systems, and the EU has planned similar systems that are expected to be operational by 2024.

First to Qatar.

The first ETA will be issued in October for visitors from Qatar. Following that, the ETA will be extended to other Gulf countries beginning in February and to the rest of the world by the end of 2024.

The United Kingdom previously implemented an electronic visa waiver system for visitors from Gulf countries, with a £30 application fee. It should have been given 48 hours before travel within three months.

Valid for a period of two years. Fee £30

ETA is expected to be inexpensive, with fees ranging from £5 to £30. The ETA is valid for two years. During this time, there are no legal restrictions on travel to the United Kingdom. Individuals must provide biometric information and answers to various questions as part of the application. ETA requests can be submitted via a mobile app and will be approved.

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