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unbelievable! 103-year-old grandma hits the gym regularly

California: The number of people who place a high value on physical fitness is growing. But there are many people who put off going to the gym and going on a diet. This grandmother will be a great source of inspiration for such people. Grandma, despite being 103 years old, regularly goes to the gym and exercises. Teresa Moore, a grandmother from California, USA, has taken everyone by surprise in this way.

Theresa Moore has no major physical issues because she goes to the gym and exercises on a regular basis. She still performs each exercise in a way that amazes even the young. Teresa Moore was born in Italy, according to the New York Post. She married an army officer in 1946. This gave me an opportunity to live in different parts of the world.

Teresa has followed a strict exercise routine since she was a child. Sheila Moore, Theresa’s daughter, claims that the gym is her mother’s happy place. Sheila Moore stated that her mother has many friends at the gym and that spending time with them helps her maintain both mental and physical health.

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