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Vodafone data interruption: Customers expressed frustration on social media

DUBLIN: Vodafone Ireland is working hard to resolve data service issues. The problem has been identified, but the company said it has not been able to fully restore service in some areas.

The company apologised to customers for the data interruption and inconvenience. Vodafone has been experiencing interruptions in some areas since yesterday morning. The company was not able to solve the problem, despite people called and informed.

Many were disappointed not to be able to watch TV shows, including RTE’s Late Late Toy Show, which has the largest audience in Ireland. Customers expressed their frustration on social media over the interruptions of data services.

The company said it was in the process of restoring Vodafone service. The company confirmed yesterday evening that it had experienced interruptions in its data services and apologised to customers for the disruption.

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