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Volunteers Actively Assisting Refugees with Daily Life in Ireland..

Dublin: Volunteer groups in Ireland are stepping up to assist refugees with language learning and integration into their new lives. In addition to language instruction, these volunteers provide opportunities for cultural, exercise, and sports activities aimed at transforming the refugee experience through study trips and social visits.

The volunteers organise various programmes, such as coffee mornings, swimming, and dance sessions, with refugees participating alongside their families. All expenses for these activities are covered by the volunteer groups, who have even paid insurance fees for event spaces and received funding from the North East Inner City (NEIC) initiative to support additional social events.

A Diverse Volunteer Team

The group comprises 18 men and women from Afghanistan, Algeria, and Nigeria. Notable supporters include artists like Pittman and Green Party councillor Donna Cooney, who assist in organising and conducting these events. Among their activities, the volunteers have initiated a women’s cycling course, conducted park cleanups at Fairview Park, and held ceramic workshops at Marino College.

Ian Jackson, one of the volunteers, has been involved in English classes and coffee mornings since the group’s inception. Despite being past retirement age and working from home, Jackson volunteers weekly to support these initiatives.

Comprehensive Support

The volunteers assist refugees with practical needs such as writing English letters, scheduling medical appointments, and preparing resumes. They also educate refugees about local elections and are working to start a reading group for those who have learned the alphabet. Beyond academic support, the group organises trips around Dublin to immerse refugees in Irish culture. A highlight includes a traditional dance performance by a volunteer group from Nigeria.

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