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Vulture goons evict tenants following court order; tenants recapture building through activist movement

Dublin: The popular movement activists retaliated against the vulture goons who evicted the tenants on the pretext of a court order.

The activists responded to this heinous crime by bringing the family back to the rented house, which had been evicted on a non-existent court order.

This incident took place in the capital city.

It was only through organized interventions that the tenants were able to return to their place of residence. Human rights activists, homeless charities, residents’ associations and neighbors all came together to back up and help the nine evicted tenants.

This was a dispute property. Almost two months ago this dispute property was sold by a property fund group to another. Thus, last day some goons intruded these places, chucked out all the belongings and forcefully evacuated the residents.

The activists said that, the intruders damaged the laptops and furniture. They also broke the inside doors and left the house in an uninhabitable condition, said Dublin Central Housing Action activists.

They said that the neighbors and the residence association together resolved the damage issues. Activists from some political parties, including the Social Democratic Party, also came to help them, and it was the Inner City Helping Homeless charity that arranged accommodation for the tenants last night.

Tenant’s Solicitor Gary Daly said that there weren’t any legal documents for the eviction with the private security team who brooked in to the houses for evacuating the tenants. When it became clear that the eviction was illegal, the tenants were able to return to their rented houses.

Three gardaí escorting illegal evictions?

The presence of three gardaí were discussed and questioned in the social media, as they who stood alongside of the private security team for the illegal eviction.

The gardaí were not ready to stop the illegal intervention even after the tenants pleaded so much, instead they gave support to the illegal activity and questioned the rights of the tenants. The gardaí said the tenants to clear the house because they were having enough evidences that proves the tenants doesn’t any rights over the property.

During the Covid period, tenants were evicted completely illegally without even giving a single notice.

Irish Council for Civil Liberties questions presence of gardaí at the illegally evicted scene. The council said it has also asked the Commissioner for an update on the same and also to release the guidelines on garda attendance at private evictions. Social Democrat TD Gary Gannon wrote a letter to the local Garda chief superintendent about this.

Evacuation happed in a dispute property

It was in 2017 that the Property Finance Fund, Beltani initiated proceedings against the landlord.

A spokesman for Goldman Sachs, which manages the fund, said the property was sold on June 2, he also said that the identity of the buyer cannot be revealed due to confidential reasons.

There is speculation online that the building is currently owned by KBC Ireland, but the bank confirms that no loans were given in respect of this property.

These issues will repeat if the Government doesn’t react

Green Party TDs Peter Cavanaugh and Nisa Hurrigan have called on the government to reintroduce an eviction ban during the Covid outbreak. Hurrigan says that the government’s recent ban on eviction doesn’t provide the protection which most people need and if the people and the government don’t react now these incidents will repeat again and again.

The housing department said it won’t respond to individual cases. However, the department said that under the Residential Tenancy Act 2005-2019, a tenant could receive compensation of up to 20,000 euro if he is forced for an illegal eviction or makes his property uninhabitable.

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