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We shall win again, we shall rule again; Leo Varadkar, with hope

Dublin: Prime Minister Leo Varadkar says the current coalition government has a chance of being re-elected.

The Prime Minister stated that a historic alliance formed by Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green Party in 2020 could lead the country forward.

According to the media, Ireland now has more teachers, doctors, and nurses than ever before.

“Despite significant emigration to Australia, more nurses are registered and working in the health sector in Ireland than ever before; foreign doctors are also registered with the Medical Council; and programmes to hire more doctors in Ireland than ever before are in full swing.”

Varadkar also insisted that Ireland was ahead of other countries in terms of pay for doctors and nurses, but he admitted that the country lagged behind in terms of work-life balance and patient-to-staff ratio.

It is true that even when vacancies are advertised, Irish schools do not receive a single application from teachers. Therefore, he said, the study showing that 81% of schools in Ireland employ at least one unqualified teacher is correct. Such issues must be addressed.

He stated that while there is a shortage of suitable, skilled doctors willing to work in Ireland, services such as telemedicine cannot be ruled out, even if they are currently unavailable.

He reiterated that the country’s biggest problem is the housing sector, but that the government is making significant progress in addressing the housing crisis.

Every year, Ireland requires more than 50,000 new homes.

He stated that the government has more than doubled housing construction in the last ten years and anticipates that the country will have a capacity of 50,000 to 60,000 houses by the end of the decade.

Problems will be solved.

He said that he had not discussed running on a joint platform with his allies but that there was a real possibility of a return to the alliance in the next election.

“We are all separate parties, so we are unlikely to contest.”

“I believe that each party wants to compete for its own existence.” However, there is a strong possibility that this government will be re-elected with allies. The Prime Minister said. If Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are combined, the two parties would win 40% or more of the seats. He stated.

“Everyone knows Sinn Féin is doing well in the polls; good luck to them, but they’ll only get 31, 32, maybe 35% of the vote.” They will not get a majority. He said.

“The existing coalition has come to power now because they got 51% of the seats together. “I believe the current government has a good chance of being re-elected,” Prime Minister said.

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