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WhatsApp tests new system that allows users to send messages without their phone

WhatsApp is testing a new system for sending calls and messages without the use of a phone. The new system will allow users to access the application on multiple devices without using their phone.

Currently, a person can only access WhatsApp on one device other than their phone, and this requires scanning a QR code. Most of the time, on a companion device, the service becomes slower and less reliable, and it frequently disconnects.

But now they are on track to introduce a new system that will allow users to sync up to four devices with their WhatsApp account independently of their phone.

The multiplatform messaging app is set to roll out this new feature to a small number of users as a beta test before expanding to two billion accounts.

The company said in a blog post published on Facebook’s engineering website that the main challenge had been maintaining security in the new system. The main reason for this is the company has not developed new ways for storing users’ private messages on its own servers.

Previously, a single identity key was used to identify every WhatsApp account.  The website also explains that each device will have its own identity key when allowed to use the multi-device function.

It is also possible to log out from each device after use. The website also says that automatic device verification technology will be installed to ensure security.

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