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Which is cheaper for the essentials? Tesco or Supervalu!

Everyone wants to buy goods at a profit. Therefore, lets examine the discounts on essential commodities in the two major supermarkets in Ireland.

Although people choose the right place for shopping according to their personal preferences, affordability is also an important factor in shopping.

Take a look at the prices and discounts at Tesco and Supervalu to decide which store is best for your everyday essentials.


Two liter milk cans can be purchased from supermarkets for regular home purposes. There is no difference between Tesco and Supervalu in terms of milk price. Their own low-fat brand milk costs 1.49 euros.


Both shops charge 2.19 euro per pound of branded butter. Various types of butter are also available for sale in stores. The low-fat Connach Gold Butter costs 2.50 euros at Supervalu and 3.20 at Tesco.

But Connacht Gold’s Spreadable range is currently on sale in Tesco for €2.50, while you’ll pay €3.25 for it in Supervalu.


Potatoes are the cheapest product in Ireland. The 7.5 kg rooster potatoes are on sale at Supervalu for six euros on offer and Tesco charges 6.29 for this.

4 kg rooster potatoes are also cheaper in Supervalu and the price is 4.49 euros. It costs 4.79 euros in Tesco.


Bread is cheaper at Tesco. 800 grams of Tesco branded bread costs 79 cents and 75 cents at Supervalu.


Tesco’s Mixed Egg Six packing costs just one euro. At the same time, the prices of 12 and 18 eggs in the two supermarkets did not differ. 12 eggs for 1.98 euros and 18 eggs for 2.85 euros are available.


The best sausages can be approached by Tesco, where a pound of Tesco’s own branded sausage costs 1.39 euro. At the same time, the Supervalu is priced at 1.49 for the same size.


A pack of seven racers costs just 1.50 euros at Tesco. At the same time, the minimum price of a rasher in Supervalu is two euros.

Chicken breasts

Two chicken breast fillets are available at Supervalu for 2.95 euros. Tesco charges 3 euros for this.

Frozen pizza

If you want cheap pizza you can go to Tesco. Pepperoni pizza costs just 61 cents at Tesco. However, the price will vary depending on the brands in Supervalu.


For 500 grams of pasta, Supervalu charges 47 cents. But you have to pay 49 cents for cheap pasta at Tesco.

Washing-up liquid, Laundry detergent and Bin bags

Tesco charges 1.36 euro per liter for washing up liquid and it costs 1.56 euro in Supervalu.

Supervalu does not sell its own brand of laundry detergents. As a result, you can get more than a liter of Tesco’s own brand of laundry detergent at Tesco for less than 2.46 euro.

30 bin bags cost 87 cents at Tesco and 97 cents at Supervalu.

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