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Who drove the snakes out of Ireland? Cold or St. Patrick?

There have been no snakes in Ireland for years. Wherever you go today, you can hear the story of St. Patrick, who saved the natives by driving out all the snakes from Ireland.

However, a group of scientists, based on some scientific observations, say that there was no involvement of any supernatural force behind the disappearance of snakes that once flourished in Ireland.

Many believe that, St. Patrick, went to the top of hills in his famous green robe, sent his angels and threw all the reptiles into the sea and they never returned.

The truth is that after AD 461, when it is believed to have happened, snakes could not be found anywhere in Ireland, except for a few houses with pet animals and sight bungalows in Ireland!

According to the Smithsonian website, snakes are a creature that evolved over 100 million years ago. In the past, snakes could not migrate to Ireland because of their low water level. However, the sea later annexed Ireland to Europe.

Thus, the snakes that landed in Ireland were turned into iceberg in the Ice Age millions of years ago. Since then, Ireland has been frozen to the ground and subjected to extreme cold as part of a series of 20 climate changes. As a result, the remaining cold-blooded snakes cannot survive and became extinct under the snow.

Scientists estimate that Ireland became an iceberg 15,000 years ago. Snakes have survived in Ireland since then, but the sea’s alienation of Ireland from Europe has created a 12 – mile gap between the two shores of the North Channel between Scotland and Ireland. This channel also became an obstacle for snakes from migrating from Scotland to Ireland.

Scientists say this is one of the reasons Ireland’s streets do not see snakes. Their question is where is St. Patrick’s intervention when things are like this?

No matter what scientists say, Ireland is a paradise for those who are afraid of snakes. Not just snakes, in Ireland even a single worm can’t be found. No matter what others says, Irish people thank their favorite Patrick Saint for this ‘miracle’.

Every year on March 17, the celebrations will take place throughout Ireland. Ireland is once again ready to green the Irish streets by singing the praises of St. Patrick, who redeemed themselves from the serpent and the power of evil.

St. Patrick’s day celebration in Ireland

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