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Who is coming to Ireland as refugees on behalf of Ukrainians?

Dublin: Tensions between the Department of Housing and the Department of Integration have escalated as they grapple with the mounting challenges posed by the increasing influx of refugees. Graham Doyle, Secretary General of the Department of Housing, has sounded alarms over the potential strain on the housing system, cautioning that the surge in refugees risks exacerbating the existing homelessness crisis.

Secretary Kevin McCarthy of the Department of Integration has repeatedly highlighted concerns through official correspondence, emphasising the lenient approach towards refugees as a contributing factor to the housing dilemma.

Currently, out of 26,000 refugee claimants within the system, 6,000 have been granted permission to stay in the country but struggle to secure accommodation, leading them to remain in direct provision centers. This situation intensifies pressure on the housing department, as outlined in Doyle’s communications.

Amidst these challenges, far-right groups, including the Irish Freedom Party, have raised allegations regarding the identity of Ukrainian refugees, casting doubts on their nationality. They also criticise both the ruling and opposition parties for their stance on immigration, alleging religious bias.

A contentious proposal to limit Ukrainian refugee accommodation to a 90-day period sparked heated debates during a cabinet meeting last December, with concerns raised about its potential impact on homeless services.
The housing department faces significant hurdles in arranging accommodation, particularly for single men, with 834 refugees still awaiting placement despite ongoing efforts.

McCarthy has underscored a court order prohibiting the denial of asylum to seekers, predicting a substantial increase in the number of individuals transitioning out of direct provision within the next two years. The department estimates that approximately 3,000–4,000 individuals will fall into this category.

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