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WHY can’t I keep my Alexa device in my bedroom?

Many of us have Amazon Echo (or Alexa) devices in our homes. Some of you were fortunate enough to get one as a gift this holiday season. You may be surprised to learn that, while you may technically store your Alexa device anywhere in your home, you should never keep it in your bedroom.

Why can’t I keep my device in my bedroom?

The Alexa device is useful for a variety of purposes. It can do everything from play your favourite music to answer things you don’t want to look up yourself. However, because the device is meant to accept orders from the sound of your voice, it is always listening and, as a result, may record your chats without your knowledge.

Everyone who buys an Alexa must agree to the idea that it may frequently record you, so placing it in the same location where you feel comfortable having company may give you greater peace of mind.

Because it is technically constantly recording, it is best to keep the device away from more private areas of your house, such as your bedroom and bathroom.

Instead, place Alexa in areas where you are more likely to entertain visitors, such as the living room or kitchen.

Who hears my conversations that Alexa is recording?

As unnerving as it may appear, Amazon employees are likely to hear some of the private conversations you have near your Alexa device. Amazon confirmed this, but assured users that the team only listens in on talks for research purposes in order to enhance the device’s comprehension of human speech for future updates. Every Amazon Alexa employee evaluates up to 1,000 audio samples every day.

Here’s how to stop your Alexa from recording you at all times:

  • Open the Alexa app on your smartphone
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Privacy
  • Tap Manage Your Alexa Data
  • Select How Long To Save Recordings
  • Select Don’t Save Recordings and select confirm
  • Scroll down to Help Improve Alexa
  • Go to Use of Voice Recordings and toggle it off

If you want to entirely prevent Amazon and Alexa from spying on you, make sure to disconnect any Alexa devices while not in use. Remember, Alexa is always listening!

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