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Will Ireland face another Lockdown!

Against the backdrop of the continuing Covid expansion, Ireland is once again paving the way for a complete lockdown.

In view of the increase in the number of Covid victims, it is being considered to impose Level Five restrictions across the country.

The emergency cabinet meeting will convene today at 2.30 pm only to discuss these matters.

Despite some disagreements, Health Minister Stephen Donnelly has said that things will not work out unless a complete lockdown is imposed and the fifth level is reached.

The number of Covid patients in the country is increasing day by day. Covid was confirmed in 1546 people yesterday alone. Nine people died. With the number of Covid-19 cases in Irish hospitals at an all-time high of seven months, the Cabinet has decided to call a meeting just to impose restrictions.

Number of Covid patients in UK is also getting high. This, too, is what creates headache to Ireland.

The government and the health department are shocked by the overnight increase in the number of Covid patients.

The Chief Medical Officer, Tony Holohan said that Ireland is in the third wave of Covid. The number of patients in the third wave of pandemic is higher than the second. Admission to the hospital has increased sharply in the last two days.

He said the steep rise in the last 10 days was not a good trend.

NPHET came up with the proposal to tighten the restrictions in the wake of the escalating Covid cases.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly, meanwhile, said he was “deeply concerned” about the spread of covid in Ireland, but could not say for sure whether NPHET’s proposal would be fully implemented.

But if NFT’s recommendation is approved by the cabinet, the country will go back to a complete lockdown.

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