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Will Trump win? People of Clare village of Doonbeg are looking forward to see Trump’s victory

People all around the world are eagerly waiting for the U.S election results. Right after the first phase of voting, many celebrations have kick started in various places.

In Ireland also the story is same, many are curious to know the result. Compared to Biden, Trump has significant fan base in some of the Irish villages.

The Trump family runs a five-star golf resort in the west Clare village of Doonbeg. Its been found that the US and Irish flags are dancing to the breeze in various places of the village.

The golf club and the hotel play a significant role in the tourism and business sectors of the county. It employed over 300 people during tourist seasons and also supports other relevant businesses like pubs, chauffer, restaurants, etc.

The village gained high profile during Trump’s visit to Ireland in 2019. The President stayed at this resort at that time and thus, the village and the resort gained some high profile.

Other than Trump, his sons Eric and Don Jr, were regular visitors to the village and they used to walk around the village and eat from local restaurants and bars.

Trump has a huge fan base here in the village because he had invested in a lot of things. Many locals believe that these investments are much needed for their survival.

People of this village looks forward to see Trump wining again so that the village’s international profile will continue.

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