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With the wave of ‘Dynamite’, the Korean band topped the billboard chart

The seven-member boy band now has the honor of being the first Korean pop act to top the Billboard Hot 100 singles charts in the United States. K-pop band BTS topped the charts on Monday.

Their first all-English single, Dynamite, received 33.9 million US streams and 300,000 sales in its first week.

Through twitter, the band thanked their fans all over the world. South Korean President Moon Jae-in also congratulated them as well.

Moon said the band’s success was a historic achievement and that the song was a message of comfort and hope to people around the world who are battling Covid-19.

“It’s a difficult time, but I hope our songs can give you a little comfort and positive energy,” the group replied in a Korean language response to Moon on Twitter. Band members say the song will help revitalize cities around the world.

Since its debut in 2013, the South Korean boy band has turned the global K-pop madness upside down. The band also had the highest digital sales week in almost three years since Taylor Swift’s “See What You Made Me Do” in September 2017.

The band had previously broken into the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching the No. 4 spot with its March release “On.”

The most successful Korean artist before this was ‌PSY. With his viral hit “Gangnam Style” he reached the No. 2 Hot 100 best.

Songs such as, “Blood Sweat & Tears”, “No More Dreams”, “Cypher Pt. 3: Killer”, “Save Me, Boy in Luv”, “Run” , “Dope” , “I Need U” are also top hits of the boy band.

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