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World Population Day on July 11th

On July 11, the world will observe World Population Day, which highlights the significance of population concerns. The United Nations established the day in response to the overwhelming public interest in Five Billion Day in 1987.

Five Billion Day was established in 1987 to acknowledge the date when the world’s population reportedly hit five billion people on July 11, that year.

World Population Day draws attention to the mounting issues that come with a growing global population. Overpopulation is a critical concern, particularly given that the world’s resources are diminishing at an unsustainable rate. The need to raise awareness about the impacts of overpopulation on development and ecology is emphasised. The growing population also puts emphasis on the health issues that women confront during pregnancy and delivery, making family planning, gender equality, and maternal health more vital than ever.

The population issue is also putting pressure on society; horrific crimes against women and human rights are occurring at a higher rate than ever before, particularly in emerging nations. Leadership is already doing a poor job of caring for its residents, and as more people enter the world, breaches such as human trafficking and child labour become more common.

If you live in a developed country, you are probably unaffected by population difficulties, at least in ways that are evident in your daily life. Use World Population Day to encourage people to think about these concerns and what they can do to make a difference.

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