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World should prepare for the next epidemic, said WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the world must be prepared for the post-Covid epidemic.

WHO President Tedros Adanom Gebrias called on the nations of the world to strengthen the public health system and invest more in the health sector to fight the next ‘Global Pandemic.’

Covid-19 won’t be the last epidemic, the world will witness something worst or similar like this in the coming future. History teaches that infections and diseases are a part of human life.

But the world needs to be more prepared for the next epidemic, said Tedros. At the same time, vaccines are being tested in many countries as Covid continues to terrorize the world.

However, none of the vaccines had proven the effectiveness as per WHO’s definition. The organizations said that even if the vaccine is made, it will reach the entire world only by the mid of 2021.

The WHO has previously stated that in addition to finding vaccines, it is important to ensure that its values ​​are effective and doesn’t have any side effect.

WHO also points out that nine months after the first Covid was reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019, there are currently 27,032,617 confirmed cases worldwide and 881,461 deaths are confirmed till the date.

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