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Another Irish descent into the White House! Ireland joins the celebration of Biden’s victory

People of Ballina, the ancestral home of Joy Biden, celebrated Biden’s victory as the 46th President of the United States. When the heir to that small town becomes president of the world’s largest democratic country, how can its people fail to celebrate?

The world has been waiting for the final result of the US election in the last few days. Even though Trump had raised a small challenge, the democratic candidate won the presidential election by creating a new history, with more presidential votes than any other candidate in US history.

Confirmation that Biden will be the next president of the United States came after his victory in the crucial state, Pennsylvania. Joe Biden received 290 electoral votes, while Donald Trump received only 214 electoral votes.

Though Biden is the head of the US, the Ballina locals in County Mayo are proud that one of their own is one of the most ‘powerful men’ in the world. Locals celebrated Biden’s victory with a festive spirit, with posters pasted all over the city and decorated with American flags.

When Biden talks about new policies, meets with health officials and prepares plans, Republican candidate Donald Trump is talking about himself, not about the people, said Ballina local and Biden’s cousin Blewitt.

Blewitt said Biden was in Ballina when he was vice president and that “the hype when he was here the last time was unbelievable.” He added that everyone in Ballina is proud of Biden’s historic victory.

Meanwhile, Beryl McCrainey Slevin, a native of California who has lived in Ballina for more than 15 years, said she hopes that after a divisive four years under Trump, Biden will be able to reunite her homeland. “I’m really, really hopeful. I’m hoping that after this election we can really work on building alliances with everyone in the country,” she said.

She further added that she believes there will be necessary changes in the systemic racial issues that have historically and now exist in the United States. “I also feel very strongly that Joe Biden is in a place now that he’s ready to do serious justice reform, police reform nationally.”

“Really for all of Co Mayo it was amazing, but in particular for Ballina. You feel like he’s one of us, he’s one of our own” she said.

“I’m excited for America, even though I live here. It’s the country of my birth, and you always want the best for home. Absolutely, a double win, she added.”

Carlingford also celebrated Biden’s victory

Yesterday was a day of celebration in Carlingford, County Louth, where the Biden family’s ancestral home is located. The event organised by the ‘Irish For Biden Campaign’ ensured that everyone maintained a social distance.

The ‘Irish For Biden Campaign’ is a special campaign launched in the United States. The campaign has been also active in Ireland since October. It encouraged people to contact Irish American family and friends in the US to encourage them to vote for Biden.

Louth Fine Gael Senator John McGahon said that, everyone in Co. Louth was thrilled to know that Biden, who visited the area four years ago, was going to be the 46th president of the United States.

“Even when Joe Biden came here four years ago, his family grave is there in one of the cemeteries in north Louth. People are just delighted about it. It’s great to have some good news in the COVID era that we find ourselves living in,” Mr. McGahon said.

Biden and Ireland

Biden is the second Irish Catholic to become president of the United States. The ancestral home of Biden’s family is in the Cooley Peninsula, near Carlingford, Louth County. During his tenure as vice president, Biden visited his ancestral villages in County Louth and Mayo.

Biden’s great-great-great-grandfather Edward Blewit, immigrated to the US from Ballina 160 years ago. Biden also visited Mayo during his 2016 visit to Ireland. Friends recall that when he arrived in the Cooley Peninsula, Biden visited his ancestral graveyard and grounds and remembered his loved ones who had left the world.

The story, which included a mural of Biden in Ballina Town, was seen by more than 10 million viewers in the US.

The government believes that Ireland will greatly benefit from the success of Biden, who has strong ties with the Irish Islands. Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama have all claimed Irish family ties. However, Joe Biden is the first true Irish American president since John F. Kennedy.

Biden had previously said he would not support a UK-US trade deal in the event of a no-deal. Political observers point out that this will be a huge boost for Ireland.

Joe Biden’s victory is being celebrated all over the world, including Ireland, despite the legal challenges posed by Donald Trump. Perhaps this was the success that the world has been waiting for. Until now, the Irish Government has maintained public neutrality. But with an Irish American becoming US President, there is no longer a matter of neutrality!

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