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20 year old mystery solved in 24 hours! a lost wallet returned after 20 years

After a long 20 years, a wallet returned to its owner. The wallet was buried for a long time.

The found wallet was handed over to the Tallaght garda station yesterday. With the primary inspection itself the gardai said that the item was buried for quit a long time.

The wallet was having had two cards inside, a visa card and a student card dated from June 2001. With the details from the cards the Gardai were able to track the owners within 24 hours. They were able to contact the owner who had lost the wallet 20 years ago.

 They also uploaded and shared a picture of the wallet on the social media.

They said: “20-year-old mystery solved in 24hours! Lost wallet returned after 20 years.

“When opened it up there was some info in it, Pulse was checked, owner was found who had lost it 20 years ago.” The gardai said.

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