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2020 US election: result is unpredictable; Biden is leading as of now

Washington: Only hours left to get to know the new American president.

Looking at the initial election results, Biden is in favour. Although Biden is leading the way in 538 electoral votes, the world is waiting to see if the results will change in the last minute. Currently, Biden has 227 electoral votes, while Trump has 213 votes.

The candidate who gets 270 electoral votes will be the next US president.

The victory in New York is a benefit for Biden.But election results in Texas and Florida will be crucial in determining who gets to the White House.The first result came out and Trump won in Indiana.

While Biden has won in Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, New York, Virginia, New Mexico, Colorado; Trump has won inNorth Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming,Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennis, South Carolina, Indiana and West Virginia.

President Trump is in the White House before the election results come out. While Joe Biden is in Delaware. Biden won here in his hometown.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden could be the next US president, according to opinion polls. But if the Republican nominee Trump, who is known for his unpredictable moves, is backed by some crucial states, he will remain in the White House for the next 4 years.

When Democratic candidate Joe Biden said he’d tie Trump from the White House tomorrow, Trump’s response was that the blacks should vote for him.

Although various issues such as global warming, air pollution, views towards homosexuality, the stance on abortion, and Trump’s controversial appointment to the Supreme Court were discussed in the election, the key issues were the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic collapse of the United States.

The pandemic itself will be determining the course of the American election.

At the same time, even if he loses the popular vote, Trump may be able to win in some swing states and gain an electoral majority, as in the 2016 election.

In the last election, all opinion polls showed that Hillary Clinton had the upper hand. But when the result came, everything changed. It remains to be seen whether this will happen again.

Polling ends tomorrow morning.

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